Vlad at the start of Fall of Gods 2.

Vladimir Reznov is a character in the the Fall of Gods RP. He is the son of Demetrius and Arina Reznov, and brother to Catalina Adriana Reznov. He is currently the Emperor of Japan and is forming up a league to help aid in the destruction of the Roman Empire. He is also the holder of the Sin of Wrath and the husband to the wielder of the Sin of Lust, Mary.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Super Strength- Vladimir has strength far beyond a normal man. He is easily able to punch through substances such as metal and brick. The limits of his strength have not yet been established.

Super Durability- Vladimir is able to take far more damage than a normal man. He has been smashed, blasted, and electrocuted and continues on fighting. The beating he can take has not been established, though it is not yet at the level of his father.

Super Stamina- Vladimir's body does not create as many toxins during exhertion as a normal man. Thus, he is able to fight for longer periods of time than most.

Sin of Wrath- For more info, see here.

Power Suit- For more info, see here.


Born to Arina Reznov at the end of the Fall of Gods 1, he has lived a privileged life. He, along with his twin have lived in the lap of luxury since they can remember. His mother did not coddle him though, she trained him and his sister on hand to hand combat that she was to teach HUNT Operatives . On his 16th birthday she hired an Ex-Spetsnaz Commando to train him in more lethal combat and ordered Mika, the head of her Companies R&D Dept. to begin giving him a new type of steroid they developed, one with all the benefits and none of the side effects. During this time he attended the Empire's leading Military Academy where he soon excelled and was marked as a genius, he also became close friends with the young emperor Hirohito, only one year older then young Reznov. Combined with his intelligence,super strength, massive and near limitless resources, and thirst for vengeance for his father's death, he is a dangerous man.