Hey, this is Pip la Gere, the guy that had initially created and played Ansed! I'm also the guy that had disappeared out of nowhere (which was lame), and I was so scared of what happened to the RP after I had done that. I couldn't bring myself to come back and look. 

Lately however, I was reminded of Ansed and everyone else in Fall of the Gods recently, and lo and behold when I search his name I find an amazing wiki page on him! This led me down the rabbit hole, and soon enough I was reading all sorts of pages on the site. About the characters, the story, the lore, etc.

I eventually came around to reading the latest/final act of Fall of the Gods 2. I'll admit it, I teared up a bit. A lot a bit. Ok, I cried. The point I've been wanting to make is that I'm so proud of you guys, what you accomplished, what you did with my character, what you made with this story. Props to Agadar, Jedi, everyone. You are amazing people.