This is the wiki of 'The Fall of Gods', an online roleplay about superhumans taking place on a futuristic alternative planet Earth.

The Fall of Gods 1 is the first chapter in the series and has recently come to a glorious end.

It's main focus was on the HUNT program of the Londim Empire, run by the nefarious Mentar.

The Fall of Gods 2 is the second chapter in the series and is currently ongoing.

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"A great change is upon this world Reznov, and it needs to be guided properly. So Nasagori and I are going to help you assist us in guiding it. You will thank us later, because that is the only option I am going to give you. Your free-will, from this point on, is no more. Your thoughts are my thoughts, your will is my will. You will hear, and obey, never questioning my decisions." Mentar said."

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