Snowflake, one of the main heroes in The Fall of Gods 1

The Fall of Gods 1 is the first chapter in the series and revolves around a group of young superhumans, known as the Band, who are trying to stop Operation HUNT, a Londimian initiative aimed at the destruction of all superhumans. The struggle between the two groups continues until the Collective is revealed and the heroes are forced to stop it from infusing every single human being on Earth with superpowers, which would result in total chaos. The Collective clone Mentar plays the main villian, using Reznov and Dugal as enforcers, until he is slain, after which an even more powerful Collective clone named Omega enters the stage. In the final act, Omega was finally defeated and slain by the heroes during an epic battle in the Void.

The ActsEdit

The WorldEdit

The world of The Fall of Gods is an alternate history version of Earth. In this Earth, many countries are still very imperialistic and controls vast amounts of land. The majority of events in Fall of Gods take place in Londim, a world power that consists of Germany, Eastern Europe, Britian, and many other colonies across the globe. The RP itself takes place in an almost two year span, beginning in 2021 and ending in 2023. Earth has post-modern technology, which is a slight improvement on modern day technology. The Nasagori clones give Londim even greater tech, as they are a space faring group who utilize technology far above what Earth has


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