The Palatine Guard is the defensive force dedicated to the protection of the Bishop of Rome and the College of Cardinals. It is lead by Lord High Paladin Celestia Morrigan.


The Palatine Guard is one of the oldest Catholic organization in existance. What began as a small group of armed preachers dedicated to the protection of their fellow christians around the birth of Christianity as a religion seperate from Judaism, turned into a powerful military defensive force as the religion grew and grew.

In the Middle Ages, a new organization branched from this defensive force, specialized in hunting down and confining dangerous superhumans. This new organization would officially be known as the Holy Inquisition, while the defensive force it branched from would later evolve into what is now known as the Palatine Guard.

After the great revolution following World War II during which the Bishop of Rome was officially recognized as the head of the Roman government, the Palatine Guard narrowed down those who it protected to only the Pope and the College of Cardinals, as the role of protectors of the people would now be fulfilled by the Roman armed forces instead.

The Valkyrie GuardEdit

The Valkyrie Guard is the most powerful unit within the Palatine Guard and its members serve as the papal bodyguards. It is common for the Lord High Inquisitor to be the captain of the Valkyrie Guard, but this is not always the case. The current captain is Celestia Morrigan.



Name Rank
Celestia Morrigan Lord High Paladin


Name Rank Reason When
Fillipo Moretti Lord High Paladin Missing Six years after The Fall of Gods 1


During The Fall of Gods 1Edit

During The Fall of Gods 1, Lord High Paladin Fillipo Moretti and several of his Palatine Guardsmen made an appearance as they protected Pope Theodore the Third from Dugal Cain and his elite team of assassins. The paladins were aided by Breail Rathal, who had arrived by crash-landing a SPECTRE stealth aircraft into the gardens of the papal mansion. After Dugal was defeated in a one-on-one fight against Fillipo, the former and his assassins fled the scene.

Inbetween The Fall of Gods 1 and 2Edit

After the assassination of Max Morton and the Roman invasions of Spain and Portugal, Fillipo Moretti disappeared without a trace. Several months after his disappearance, Celestia Morrigan was promoted to replace him.