Oberus Janner

Oberus Janner is the mastermind behind the Neo-Weapons and the Neo-Humans, the chief scientist of the Vatican Institute for Scientific Research, and is aiding Rome, or more specifically, Dacarus Bartolt and his servants, with achieving their goal. It is without a doubt that he has connections to The Collective, as is proven by the incredibly advanced techologies he has thus far produced which are far too similar to the Collective technologies used by Vladimir Reznov and his Greater Japanese Empire.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

It is currently unknown what superpowers, if any, Janner possesses.


Before The Fall of Gods 2Edit

Oberus Janner adopted Project Darkseed several years before The Fall of Gods 1 and managed to produce the first ever functioning Neo-Weapons shortly after the ending of this first chapter. Just several months later he developed what is now known as the Neo-Humans, and continues to perfect his creations to this day.

During The Fall of Gods 2Edit

Oberus Janner made his first appearance in The Fall of Gods 2 as the chief scientist of the Vatican Institute for Scientific Research, Rome's most advanced and well-funded (military) research group. Even though he is technically supposed to answer to Dacarus Bartolt, he rarely if ever does and usually does whatever he desires, which most of the time is conducting experiments and researching new technologies. Despite this controversial behavior he still seems to be aiding Dacarus Bartolt by continuously supplying him with various high level technologies, some as advanced as those of The Collective.


  • The reason Dacarus Bartolt refused to give Ansed Booth permission to have the Roman Air Force aid the Crusader Corps during the second battle for London was most likely because Janner wished to force Alexander Theosus to use the Mysterious Shard so that he could perform an analysis on it.
  • Even though Ansed Booth is rumored to be the most powerful warrior in all of Rome, Janner seemed little impressed when Ansed was about to charge at him for insulting the defeated Alexander.