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Miranda Whitley is an officer of the Rogue Inquisitors and a former pupil of Pope Bardarus Bismarck. She is a powerful superassassin capable of creating and controlling crude energy constructions. Miranda has almost always been an ally of the heroes, with the exception of the fourteen years inbetween the assassination of her friend and captain Max Morton and just after the beginning of The Fall of Gods 2, during which Miranda and the rest of her team had been tricked into believing that Dugal Cain had murdered Max, and as such was hunting Dugal down as a member of Section 1.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Miranda is capable of creating and controlling crude energy constructions which she can use as powerful shields, blunt weaponry, or even as a means of aerial transportation, making her an incredibly versatile adversary. She is also an experienced veteran inquisitor, making her a world class assassin and special operations commander.


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