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In life, Max Morton was the captain of Section 1 until his promotion to Lord High Inquisitor, and a former pupil of Pope Bardarus Bismarck. He was a powerful superassassin capable of shifting in and out of an immaterial form. Max was the very first inquisitor both the heroes and the villians encountered, and proved to be a great ally to the former. He was defeated and killed by Ansed Booth and Alexander Theosus.

In death, the soul of Max resides within the ancestral sword of Dugal Cain, allowing him to smite evil even without a living, physical body.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

In life, Max was capable of shifting in and out of an immaterial form, which made him nigh unstoppable and unkillable. He was also an experienced veteran inquisitor, which made him a world class assassin and special operations commander.


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