Mary Harrison in FoG2

Mary Harrison is a character in the Fall of Gods Role-Play. She is the current holder of the Sin of Lust and the wife of the current Japanese Emperor, Vladimir Demetriovich Reznov.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Though starting with no powers, upon gaining the Sin of Lust, she acquire the ability to shape shift into any form as long as the nature of the form can be seen as sexually attractive.

She also has been given a keen control over pheromones, to such an extent where she can sooth the anger of Vlad to controlling the mysterious Mr.Whiskers Fluffywiggins


Mary Harrison is the daughter of Mark Harrison, and Bernadette Harrison. Bernadette, the same who helped Rome with prophecies concerning Omega and his activites during World War III.

She was an ordinary little girl, studied hard in school to please her parents, played with her dolls at home, had friends, all the things a little girl is interested in.

Then came puberty, and the trouble began. Young Mary attended an All Girl school, and the other girls started looking alot more interesting to young Mary, but then, so did the boys who walked past the school on their way to the all boys school down the way. Her emerging bisexuality was a source of much trouble for young Mary, who sought refuge in the library, away from everyone.

When she was 16, she lost her virginity to a neighbor boy, and the next week had her first sexual encounter with another girl. After a long talk with school psychiatrists, it was discovered that sex was the only thing Mary thought about, ever since her first sexual encounter. It was the first thought on her mind when she woke up, and the last on her mind before she fell asleep. It was on her mind at breakfast, during class, and during gym. She wanted help, but ultra-conservative teachers condemned her as a rotten evil child and gave her no rest or help, saying her problems were all in her mind. Her bisexuality was further proof of her evil.

Fellow students who didn't understand didn't help either, as they teased and tormented poor Mary.

She fled to the city library, where she spent a year reading books, and discovering the occult. Finally, with a full year of torment egging her on, and her own mother disapproving of her, Mary cried out to the darkness for help, and to her surprise, the darkness answered....