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Lucas at the start of Fall of Gods 2

Lucas Cain is the son of Dugal and Elena Cain . He has been a supporting character in the Fall of Gods 2.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Electricity Manipulation- Lucas can produce and manipulate electricity. His body works as a form of battery, able to store certain amounts of electricity. He can recharge via sources of electricty, such as wall outlets or lightning bolts. He can then use this electricity in a variety of manners.

Electric Bolt Strike- His most basic attack. Lucas fires a bolt of electricity that harms the foe. This can be fired one at a time or as a constant stream.

Electric Bomb- Lucas can concentrate electricity into a dense ball shape. This ball can then be hurled, upon which it explodes outwards after contacting a surface.

Electric Surf- Lucas can move swiftly across power lines by using the electricity within them. He uses the power to swiftly slide along them.


Lucas Cain was born to Dugal and Elena Cain in the year 2023. They loved and cared for him, cherishing him. However, his childhood quickly became dangerous. Assassins from the Vatican began to hunt for Dugal, for reasons unknown. Dugal constantly had to uproot his family, thus Lucas never had a stable environment. He was trained by his father to defend himself, feeling it was important for him to be able to fight against those who would hurt them.

When he was about 17, an incident occurred, causing him to resent Dugal and shun him. Lucas fled home the following year, and tried to live on his own. He spent the year raising money and making a living, before going to America, to get away from his past. He has lived in America for a year, living a care-free life.