One of the few existing photos of an younger Louis

Louis Evans is a minor character in Fall of Gods 2 RP. He as a very powerful and exorbitantly wealthy man of many different fields of sales and retail. More secretly he is known to be the controller of Red Hand. Most recently he has been contacted by The Ministry, and has been informed he is in the running for being the holder of the Sin of Greed.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Louis has yet to show any powers beyond someone of his hight, weight, and age who engages in regular, intense physical and mental exercise.

What he has demonstrated is a keen eye of business, and more importantly, how to run an organization. By founding and controlling The Red Hand, he is not only controlling the police force, but turning most if not all of Berlin into his own private monopoly, a feat he is beginning to repeat in other cities as well.

It has come to a point where his control of the city is beginning to make the actual government of New Germany quite nervous, in that it appears that they are losing control of their own country to Louis.


Pre-FoG 1&2Edit

Very little is known of his life before the start of the RP, except at some point he was involved in a horrible accident with a person named Terrence as well as being responsible for the murder of his own father.

After FoG 1Edit

Slightly more is known about Louis' history after the events of FoG

During the economic collapse of most of the world, Louis rose to the task of aiding one of the worst off nations, Londim, out of this crisis. While he was doing this, Louis implanted seedlings, for what would eventually become the Red Hand, as well as means by which he could over ride the laws which could possibly impede his progress in the future.

During FoG 2Edit